The Latest Trends in Catering and Event Planning

the latest trends in catering and event planning

Catering is an elemental part of any event. People are constantly becoming more and more aware of the latest trends, and how to make everything look pretty and taste divine. Whether you are planning a small gathering or a big party, here you can learn about the latest trends in catering and event planning.

Interactive Food Stations

They have become popular in recent years as they allow guests to customize their dishes or watch chefs to their job. It is a fun way to make your event even more exciting. Interactive food stations is also a wow to make your event unique and memorable for your guests.

Food Trucks

They are rising in popularity the past few years, especially for outdoor events. They offer a unique way to serve food, and they provide a variety of options to your guests. They also can be a cost-effective option, since they are normally cheaper, and they are surely convenient, as they don’t take up much space.

Cocktail Stations

What a fun and elegant thing to have at your event! Cocktail stations allow your guests to customize their own drinks or watch bartenders prepare them. For a special touch, you can also create your own drink menu! We recommend that you add-on mocktails as well, so that everyone remains pleased. Not to mention that cocktail stations are a great way to help guests interact with each other.


A new, very popular choice nowadays. Tapas consist of small plates of food, normally served as appetizers. They can be served both cold or hot, depending on your choices. Tapas are for sure a great, unique option for events, and they provide guests a variety of choices.

Food Styling

With the rise of social media, people are becoming more and more aware of the latest trends and are attracted by everything that looks beautiful. Food styling is used to make food visually appealing. It can be used to create an attractive and aesthetically pleasing food display and can add a wow factor at your event.

Dessert Tables

Leave your guests with a great touch of sweetness! Dessert tables are filled with treats and desserts for everyone to enjoy. Add desserts to cover everyone. If you want our advice add a bit of everything! Chocolate, caramel, fruits, vegan options, and of course ice cream are our go-to options when in doubt. Have everyone pleased, full and happy.

These are only some of the many trends in catering in event planning. Catering an event can be a very stressful procedure, so leave it to Limassol Catering! We cover everyone’s needs and make sure that you have choices for all your guests in a unique, tasty and for sure aesthetically beautiful way.