Traditional Foods Served at a Party in Cyprus

traditional foods in cyprus

Find out the top traditional foods served at a party in Cyprus. When joining a Cypriot celebration of any kind, these are the most common, most popular, and wildly loved foods that you will be able to find at a celebration table. Cypriots love those foods and are very proud of the fantastic recipes passed from generation to generation in Cyprus. If you are looking to cater your own celebration and looking for that fantastic and delicious food to serve your guests, make sure to check Limassol Catering and get in contact for more information about all the menus available.

Cypriot Halloumi Cheese

Cypriot Halloumi Cheese is a semi-hard cheese originally from Cyprus. It is made from a mixture of goat and sheep milk and is served on its own or as an ingredient in other Cypriot dishes. It is great eaten fresh or grilled and is often paired with pitta.

Cypriot Halloumi cheese is an important part of Cypriot cuisine. This unique cheese is a favourite among locals and has become internationally famous. Cypriots eat it fresh as a meze, grilled on charcoal, or grated over pasta. It is also often served with fruit. Halloumi cheese is a unique treat in Cyprus, and you’ll find it in many local taverns and restaurants.

Cypriot Kebab

The traditional Cypriot kebab also known as Souvlaki is marinated meat grilled on a skewer and it’s a very common food in Greece and Cyprus. Also, many people enjoy eating souvlaki from the skewer as kebab and many others prefer having it in a work pita bread accompanied with their favourite toppings and their favourite vegetables. Souvlaki can have many different forms in Cyprus. There are Gyros, a very traditional Greek food that is still enjoyed very widely in Cyprus. Moreover, the traditional Souvla is another dish that originated in Cyprus that is just a bigger version of souvlaki. Souvlaki, Gyros and Souvla are usually enjoyed with freshly fried potatoes, salad and tzatziki. For the strong ones, they combine souvlaki with the drink of zivania which is the traditional Cypriot kind of spirit like the Greek Ouzo.

Another popular Cypriot dish is sheftalie, a dish that celebrates the island’s rich heritage. A bite of savoury, salty, and sweet all-in-one delicious bite makes a perfect palate cleanser.

Cypriot Oven Baked Pasta

The Cypriot oven-backed pasta also known as Makaronia tou Fournou is a very popular and widely loved dish in Cyprus and it always has its own place on the celebration table. It is quite close to the Greek known pastitsio but with different spices and flavours. Also, the Cypriot version uses a lot of halloumi cheese in its recipe. Makaronia tou Fournou is a food enjoyed by children and adults and it is served as a main dish accompanied by salad. It’s a dish that includes macaroni, minced meat with spices, and Béchamel sauce. And it is usually and commonly served in squared pieces.

Cypriot Tzatziki Yoghurt Spread

Tzatziki is one of the most famous Greek dishes in Cyprus. It is made with yoghurt and cucumbers and is often served alongside fresh bread at a tavern. It is also delicious and served with grilled meat. You can also use it as a dip for vegetables. You can prepare tzatziki ahead of time, and it keeps well in the fridge for and enjoy it with your favourite dish the following days.

Cypriot Baklava

Baklava is a traditional food of Cyprus that is known worldwide. The delicious, sweet pastry is served hot after a meal and usually topped with syrup. It is also common to serve it with ice cream. Baklava is a common sweet treat throughout the Middle East but is uniquely Cypriot in flavour. It is made from filo pastry and soaked in syrup or honey. The pastry is also infused with a taste of Cyprus brandy and citrus orange blossom water.

Baklava is traditionally served as a dessert during a party in Cyprus. Its flavours are sweet and nutty, and the sugary pastry is a great way to end the meal. A typical Cypriot meal would be incomplete without this dessert.